Tuesday, August 18, 2009

***FaiRy FiNDs***

I have to admit I've been stalking this shop for some time now and my niece will soon be sporting one of these magical tutus! Designed by Paisley and Posies on etsy. The whole shop is filled with photos that are such a treat for the eyes and soul!

This amazing piece was created by U.K. artist, Sarah Waterfield.

I had the wonderful opportunity to cross etsy paths with her and I am so glad I did! It was a treat to browse her shop, Fairy Whisper Art
(such a cute shop name!)

Yes, these are creations of the blessed artistic soul, Vanessa Valencia found at her shop of pure magic, A Fanciful Twist . I would give up my pinky toe to take a vacation in her mind for a day! Seriously! Okay, well maybe not my pinky toe I do kind of like it but I would give up avacados for the rest of my life and they have been my new obsession.

Sending love and fairy blessings to you all!