Friday, September 16, 2011


I am offering this original "Daydream Believer" tin as a celebration of sorts! I have been blessed to have the opportunity to offer my collage sheets at Retro Cafe Art Gallery. One of the best things is Kris Hubick @ Retro Cafe Art will also be offering my sheets in PRINTED FORM - fabric sheets, vellum, semi-gloss.

To enter the giveaway click on the little yellow bunny above to be taken to Kris Hubick's blog for all the details and deadline. Entries will only be taken there and not on this blog. Feel free to grab the yellow bunny button to spread the love!

a bundle of blessings to each of you!



Georgie Horn said...


DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

Thanks so much Georgie!!!

Kym Decker said...

Dearest Debrina!


You certainly deserve this grand success because you have "sparked" so many people's "creativity" with your exquistive charm that gave your collage sheets and assemblage art creations tht one of a kind enchanting appeal!!

Please put my name in your drawing and I will certalinly post your lovely button on my blog!

Best Wishes,
Kym Decker

gullywasher said...

plz submit your coupon at to get max exposure and increase sale chances!

Denise said...

Wow! congrtulations.Wonderful-Denise

Anonymous said...

I recently ordered your domino collage sheets from Retro Cafe Art (apparently I was the first one to place an order for them!) and I just wanted to say how much I ADORE them! Cute images. I'm a bike girl (own 9 with hubby) so the old bike image is one of my favorites!
Beautiful work Debrina. I have you on my blog list on my little blog and have entered your contest at Retro.
Nice to 'meet' you!

SarahD said...

Congratulations I love stopping by our blog. I am going to stay for a while and look at all your gorgeous Art.

Sea Witch said...

Congrats. You are such a talent and so glad you continue to achieve creative success. Sea witch

DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

THANK YOU all so very much for the creative encouragement! I can't express in words how much it means to me to check in on my blog and read such loving and supportive comments from my art peeps!
Love you all!

Toyin O. said...